Friday, February 25, 2011

save power inside body

Let we see commonly that when the end of month come, every body will be happy receiving money from their boss. we can see obviously  they will think how to put money in a safety place.Some of them think to saving their money in bank and some others think to investigating in share holding. so, we can conclude that all them of course have different way to achieve the similar aim.

it is likely same for those who observe certain zikr. They need to save (nur) lightness of zikr that spell out from their mouth during the recitation. it is why we are requested when we come to the end of doa to wipe/ anoint our hands to our face . May be you ,so far still have  found out the secret of that. It is really a method to save your inner power inside your body that can be benefited to you one time when you are enforced to utilize it.

according to some traditions, we can enhance some other methods such as clearly mentioned by The Prophet SAW to anoint  our hand to our whole body before sleep. From this practice, some scholars promote to do that tips fitly five times after every five daily prayer

some other scholars had developed a number of breathing methods for saving the inner power inside the body. these are what we should know more and try to train our selves in observing the enlightening our spirit

to be continued

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