Friday, February 25, 2011


according to a numerous authentic tafsir, a majority of scholars in explaining the verse 102 of Sura Al Baqarah argue that after Harut and Marut were sent to Babylon and became famous figures in educating people in various field of surviving life, some of  people of Babylon asked them how to deal with genes. Both of them refused initially but then after remind not to utilize beyond the limitation, they taught some about that. Those students , then, dealt to genes likely in all  matters. They were not longer appealing help from genes in limited matters as was requisted by their masters , Harut and Marut  but gradually year by year they changed to worship genes.

These unguided state of worship genes had happened continuously until the arrival of Jewish mason into Babylon. Due to sharing life together, Jewish mason duplicated The Babylon worship of genes. they considered the worship as a part of needs in surviving life as  slave in Babylon

After a number of years, Babylon turned to be in decline state. so, the Jewish mason took the opportunity to turn back to Palestine and started to dream to set up a new Solomon government . 

in order to achieve their aims, they established a familiar secret group in ruling city that called later as the Freemason. They were also promoting that time as a new golden era that they call as the beginning of the calendar of shine

Here, according to information revealed by genes , the Jewish mason claimed that King Solomon had practiced magic in ruling the country. It was because they found  magical literatures supplied by genes that according to genes information, its were  belong to King Solomon .

After long time of practicing magic, they started to claim ---


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