Friday, February 25, 2011

a group of genes converted to Islam

People in the period of ignorance in Mecca were so familiar engaging with genes---

they claimed that The Prophet has been revealed the stories of provious people these from genes. What is the fact is Allah sent down His massage to his prophet through the angel of Gaibrael.

Futhermore, there is a sura in quran called sura al jin. This sura  describes about the beginning story of a group of genes who converted into Islam.  It happened one night , while these genes had sought to reach the heaven but found it filled with stern guards and flaming fires that watching them in ambush. 

then, they found out the reason that The Prophet was reciting the Quran with his followers near by to shop of Ukaz. they came close to listen the Quran .they then made arrangement to meet the Prophet .

one night the Prophet SAW requisted Ibn Mas`ud to escort him . according to Qurtubi in his authentic tafsir, Ibn Mas`ud reported that he did not see the genes but the prophet did. 

here they converted into Islam and called  their community to embrace Islam.

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