Saturday, January 22, 2011

why the tibb nabawi should be one of the major subject for islamic medicine in contemporary school of alternative medicine

some Chinese medicine traditional practitioners have claimed that a number of subjects of the islamic medicine were derived originally from Chinese medical thought such as
was syaf `i wakl witr is derived from ying tang thought.

was syaf `i wal witr is medicine term explaining about such way to cure these diseases by utilizing the same medium that caused the disorder.

they argue that the Chinese traditional medicine was far earlier started during 500BC while the tibb nabawi has just started 700 AC. there are also some hadis the Prophet commanded his followers to travel searching knowledge around all the world even to the so far country like Chinese land.
they have claimed that some Muslims scholars in medicine like Ibn Sina, Ibn Rush, -- learn from Chinese medicine school.

to respond toward the issue, we should to remember that Islam was initially started from adam a.s the first human being that we call him as the father of the human being.

and then the prophet Ibrahim who was known by all the revealed religious as the father of all prophets proceed that message of Adam in calling people into tawhid. . Prophet Ibrahim then, left a huge numbers of his descendants spread away into east thought and led people into the believed live.

so, islam is not just preached by the only Mohamad as they though . likely, al quran is not only the teaching of Mohamad but it just a summary of the teaching of whole the earlier revealed books sent down to the prophets such as Ibrahim Moses ---.

it means that our prophet mohamad was not the priooner in calling people toward tawhid but he is to proceed the massage preaching by the earlier prophets.

historians argue that Abraham had ordered to his descendents especially his sons from side of his 3rd wife Katureh to migrate to east far away from Issac who settled in middle east.

those people who believe in oneness of god spread out around the east of world to set up new territory such as iran,hindia and was happened in 19-15 BC.

history has always witnessed tha t ----

chinese tradisional medicine begun from 500BC meant it was long (?) after the time of Solomon and his father david (10BC). and much more long after the time of Abraham (19BC)

no one can deny if we argue that some of those were descendent of Abraham. it is because some of Abraham teaching is observed in their phylosophy ---

long journey of chinese history that have witnessed the immigration of all races of people through vast land of iran and India and then reach to Chinese proofed that that any kind of knowledge or wisdom is not being merely in certain narrow territory. knowledge run around the world together with people who search wisdom. it is because knowledge is being posses by knowledge-able people.

even the buddist commonly in 99 gods,


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