Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the beginning of misguidence ---learning from the ancient history of SABA - 1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

sura saba is the thirty fourth in the list of the verses named in quran. in this verse, Allah mentions the story of solomon and then followed by illustrating the great fantastic garden in Saba.

there are two separated stories of prophet Solomon is mentioned in two separated verses . in the first part which is surah naml Allah mentions the story of Solomon had dealt with the prince of Saba called Baqis . in this story, Allah describe through information of Hud-hud given to Solomon that Saba is a disbelieved country which the Queen and her pubic were worship sun .

then, in the second part, Allah describe in Sura Saba itself that Saba is a peaceful and harmony country blessed by Himself.

these verses create contradict divine of Saba citizen .

why did it happen

to answer the question , we should classify the story of Saba according to Quran into two differents period.

The first ancient Saba was set up by Saba Ibn Kohton The son of Sam Ibn the prophet Nuh. of course, as a descendant of Noah, he believed in oneness of god . he was a piety Patrick and totally observed all the teaching of his great grand father Noah AS.

he decided to set up new government after walk away from his father territory Kohton,

after a long decades of enjoying stable goverment, saba steeped in luxury --it thrown the state into a ---

in order to demonstrate their great thankful to the sun, the top resources of live that showered it`s bless toward them, their brilliant philosophers had proposed annually to arrange ritual gathering supported by government. after years of ---it became official gathering -

later, they totally considered the Sun as the perfect god that should be worshiped by every single citizen.

so from here we can comprehend that people worked in beginning of urban----

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