Tuesday, January 11, 2011

don`t be narrow minded in developing the understanding of Tibb Nabawi

there are group numbers of people refuse some traditional preventing methods such as apply petua ---. they are also accuse practitioners in this field as out of guidence

according to their views, these traditional methods are not much than a kind of bid`ah (created lately after the death of The Prophet Mohamad). so since these were not practised by The Ptophet, it is totally out of Islamic teaching and should be banned by all Muslims.

this simply subject that they do not understandable is ((---adverb)) caused them to ban some views of wisdoms applied by the earlier scholars. these previous scholars had observed wisdoms in --widely context. Allah sent down prophets to guide people into the truth way by putting mind ---according to revealed resources.
it is so clear --that Islam --every one should enhance their well beings skills --as long as - they follow the guidance based on the kitab and sunnah.

practise mind to explore wisdom Allah will and manage something happen so should be as a part of work to understand deeply the quranic teaching. by practising this, it can reach people to discover the secret of oneness of Allah. it increase the iman

one of the cleverness of Allah is that Allah create wisdom and always keep its discovered until a slave/servant of Allah struggle find out the way.

Tibb Nabawi - even it describe theoretically and practically traditional preventing methods practised by a few people from a very small community in a primitive land of Peninsular Arab during 1600 years ago. it is really a very important group of basic information about curing and preventing people from diasiease.

these basic informations should be elaborated time by time-smaller-smaller

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