Sunday, January 9, 2011

ubat batu karang 1

i still remember that by the end of year 2010 a patient who suffered with disorder urine came and consulted me how to relief his urine problem. according to his doctor, his deasise was a kind of batu karang.

i advised him to take a pineapple .
after reciting selawat shifa he should follow these tips:
cut/divide the pineapple into two parts. cut away pulur yang duk kat tengahnya . take a small alum-tawas- and put at the place of pulur (to cover that pulur yang telah di buang keluar.

burn the pineapple or put it on the tudung puriuk nasi yang sedang di masakkan.

let the pineaplle until the alum become disappeared

then ,

take it as a daily food

after three days of his preventing ----he called me and told that he to become much more better.

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