Tuesday, January 18, 2011

insomnia- sukar tidur malam

some insomnia are caused by jin- ( deseases of spiritual). for example. saka sometimes caused to insomnia. patient cannot enjoy deeply sleep at night because something like ---- touch his foot
some of them get nightmare after couple minutes of reaching deepy sleep.

For finding out the solution of  problem like these, patient should be cured by reciting the certain verses of Holy Quran and doas.

for such problem like this, the prophet Mohd SAW teach doa such as below:

on other side, there are also so many cases approved by the practitioners show that (bunga sundal malam yang berwarna putih) is superb for those who have suffered insomnia during night. pick up the flower that its place faces the side of sun rising in morning time. be aware don`t pick up during night time.

dry the sundal malam under sun shine for about five hours before boiling in bowl. take it as a drink before go to the bed. Patient should daily observed reciting doa:

اللهم اسلمث نفسى إليك وألجأت طهرى

, ---

other easy solution for insomnia is whenever the patient begin to feel warm inside the body during mid-night, he just put a drop of concentrated lemon into each of his ears,  starting from right ear, he enjoy five minutes relaxing himself before put  a drop into another side. don`t forget to recite ayat shifa

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El Fesfanji said...

tq so much. u really give us a very easy way to solve my problem