Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There are steps of creation of human being. Ruh (spirit ) was created far thousands years earlier than the creation of your mama and your papa combination of zygote. it was long time ago before the human being started to live in this earth. none had knew detailed knowledge about where and how do the spirit spend his daily live before coming into the --(zygote).there are so many life inspite of our world life .

initially, it is said to live in vast universe. all this information concerning the subject is derived from many references of difference revealed books.

zygote is just created after intercourse between a man and a woman.

life is started when spirit is blow into body during the 4th month of pregnancy time. from that ---mother would feel the kicking of her baby inside her abdomen.

in this level, reality life of sense, mind,-----is unknown by anyone

no one can explain what did he do during his time of fetus in his mother pregnancy. no one has able to recall that or describe his friend the truth story during his fetus time.

in the day his mother --labour , --

sometimes you had see baby smile alone in his deep sleep. one question should be raised here is to who do he smile and why he do so?

it illustrate that the baby is in contact to anyone else. --communicate -----

the second question should be ---is who is he? again question is why?

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