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why do the malay hate their race-reading about future



through out the study of Muslim`s rebelling against the colonial over the Muslim countries, a number of Muslim rulers at that time approached to intergarate the colonial, support the colonial bring peaceful and form the country ----in their colonial form.

ist was fought by a majorities of ummah . these rulers so believe Muslims are in so weak state and logically cannot reach power forever until co operate with kufr---. is that a kind of tahaluf siyasi is not discussed yet.
tahaluf siasi is

the previous history witnes they were right in the game strategies drawn by colonial---. by their way, colonist hand up the power to them. the power was utilised ---by them include to break tne enemy of colonial

nowadays, it come back into our feild while tahaluf siyasi is widely and warmly discussed . here we are again here the sound tell that Muslims are in so weak state and logically cannot reach power forever until co operate with kufr

but the discussion come from the other side

this study is concerning to some Malays who trust to kufr in reaching the power, need co operati---with kufr agains nationalist against kufr. W( Who isbehind them)

do they have ability to convert the kufr toward islam.
Khazraj + qainuqa/ aus + nadher


if we deeply explore and do research in surah quraishi, we should reach the answers of these questions:

why Allah SWT named one of the Sura with a name of a famous Arab tribe leading others to confront the massage of prophet Mohamad SAW which the Prophet raised among them ? and again Allah mention in verse

why do there are some hadis describing the virtue of quraishi which means the prophet proud the tribe ?

let us look to what happen in the day of the Prophet death and and what Abu Bakar said when he delivered his talk among the ansar in Saqifa? and why??

the leader (imam) is from Quraishi

from this hadis, quraishi had led over the ummah for more that fifty decades until ottoman empire took over in ruling the ummah.

the collapse of Abbasid empire ----. khulafa Ar Rashidin started from Abu bakar ----saad Ibn Umadah and Saad Ibn Muaz , Umayyad Empire, Abbasid and fatimid empire led----the appearance of ottoman empire


i have still remembered when spent couples of years studying in Egypt, there were some arguments by academical Islamic groups in discussing of why the Islamic movement condemn the Arab?

the subjet is raised as a minor discussion of studying about the thought of Syed Qutub and its implication / impacts towards Muslim world

in re-think the thought of Syed Qutub who claim the Egyptian Rulers in his life-time as modern Jahiliyyah , mohammed `Immara , an Al Azhar scholar from government side who is well known as an Islamic thinker marked the big error of Syed Qutub was to be founder for extremist movements in Arab world.

some other scholars blamed Syed by compared into the liberalist group of Ikhwan lead by the second ex-al Murshid Al Am Hudaeby who advice them to stop condemn Arab. Hudeiby answered Syed groups views in a very famous book published and titled: "we are the caller not the punisher".

in studying the factors of the appear--of ban Arab -is due to Arab nationalist rulers applied all colours of tyrants , various kinds of injustice and betray to reach the power - the jailed and killed /murder a huge numbers of ikhwan activists.

according to Arab nationalist reevaluation of Syed thought that tease the nationalist rulers increase negative effect to public mind

Experience in -Rashid al Ghanushi


in Malaysia context, history has completely witnessed that the Da`i played a perfect r/duty/task- for more than five hundred years in putting Malay as a Muslim race

malaysia , in history is located between the influence of China dan India. both of laut china selatan and laut Hindi both of ---is tidak Islam menjelaskan
malay telah di selamatkan daripada menjadi buddha seperti china atau

walaupun pernah berada di bawah menjadi hindu seperti India.tetapi peranana ulama telah membebeskan mereka dari hindu, dan di masa kedatangan penjajah, dengan peranan ulama , mereka dapat terus mempertahankan aqidah. sehinggalah penjajah telah gagal---

penjajah yang licik itu telah memilik golongan yang kelak akan menjadi pengkhianat kepada bangsa sendiri. sebahagian mereka menjadi insaf setelah tua dan meninggalkan jawatan untuk di serahkan kepada golongan yang lebih perosak darinya.

inilah konflik yang ---

yang akan meninggalkan kepada lebih parah sekiranya---

di sini kita perlu melihat kenapa china dan india yang lebih cerdik tidak menerima Islam, bolehkah mereka menerima islam dalam keadaan ----bila dan bagaimanakah agaaknya ---

malay nationalist could be divided inti two group:
1) observe properly Islamic teaching. they are in down step of pparty .they are requisted to be integration and give apologise to their collegouis
2) opputumist

conflict and split between both of them


it is an error for any personal Muslim or Islamic movement to look down / belittle into their Muslim race due to -rebel the tyrant -ruler who exploited race as aim of struggle to reach their power

Muslim race should be saved -- Allah SAW says inQuran:

and we create you in various races and tribes to introduce among each other deeply the best of you is the best taqwa of you .

according to this verse, race is a gift of Allah to different background Muslim over the world who struggles for hundred years in calling their community into Islam.

what we should understand is that in jihad of previous ulama in setting up the Islamic race --. they really paid the expensive cost for their nation and territory . how can we forget about that? what we should do know is

compared to kufr race whom civilize

to being safety

Is kufr peolpe nowadays in same stage compared to nowadays the era of wealthy ??
in Malaysia context,

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