Wednesday, January 19, 2011

noah`s ark -

pls refer the verse 40 of Surah Hud

a huge number of historians report that El Jud- the name of mountain mentioned in the Quran , in verse 40 surah Hud as a place landed by Noah`s ark is currently named valley nine , located on Mountain of Ararat, Turkey.

There are researchers also report according to Biblical arguments, --explain that Noah`s ark was built from coca tree which now is no longer seem as wood of any tree.after more than 4 thousand years lodging in earth, that compounds became integrated ---- to become stone(mineral)

geologist explain that mineral creation were originally formed from various group of earth`s compound

their academically arguments proved that anything death either human being, animals, after thousand years of connecting with element of earth --mixed -together to form kinds of coat and if --can be kind of diamond

there are many stories tell us about ancient people had changed to be stone. such as the story of Malim Kundang and Si Tenggang who received punishment from God due to their rebel against their mother cause of more loving their wives,

yes, of course, a majority of people nowadays deny the story----but for some other like us / lovers of history --who visit the area--watched the sculpture statue, so hard to claim these sculptures are in carve by human being.

let us trace about the two saddain of Qzul kurnain mentioned in Quran in Sura al Kahfi. the question should be raised here by those who deny the power of Allah to change anything is where is that saddain --Qzul kurnain block his people from the cruel of Ya`juj wa Ma`juj. geological discoveries witness that are only two mountains in Middle Asia face to the ----?? Sea . which people at that time , when they saw the sun raised on the sea from their east side, they think that was the end of the east -may be people that time thought that the earth is laying ---

so, they briefly ---

for the second example, let us go to Egypt to watch the Ajal, --cow whorsipped by Bani Israel , was clearly mentioned in Quran, is totally a hill

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