Tuesday, September 6, 2011

kegunaan perdu lidah dan faedah-faedahnya (2)

in the previous segment, i wrote about some petuas from side of silat melayu.

here , i would like to share some other advices that have been inherited from our folk and still useful to prevent those who failure in performing intercourse and lack of dealing  with partner.

in every early morning, after you wake up from sleep and before take shower for yourself  , flat whole part of your zakar with your saliva  ejaculated from root of your tongue ( air liur perdu lidah . do it like you are a gunman who shine his gun with a shining cream   . you just need to recite selawat to The Prophet SAW before start working.

This way is useful to increase your sexual power when you want to make her much warmer . By applying this way, you can enhancing her happy and joy.

the relationship of both (between zakar and mouth) as two major entrance- input and output  of inner power for mankind is already approved since the hadist remind us to be carefully in applying  both.

many people have enough information about  style of 69 in intercourse .the stress appeared from both  energies of up and down sides of both parties- husband and wife- reveal us about forces of a pair of holes struggling from every party of a couple of husband and wife.

so  as we have already accepted in Islamic medicine that , some disorders or weaknesses that appear from down can be prevented by energy raise from up . one of them is you can strengthen  your zakar that located at down of  your abdomen with your saliva that located at  up . 

so, it means you do no need to go to giant or tesco ect to find out something like mugawwy tongkat ali or ----anymore     la   !!!. 

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